The future of data orchestration - Today

Orchestrate, schedule and monitor your data pipelines. Take control of your data infrastructure and combine all data tools such as dbt, Dataflow, Tableau and Snowflake into one platform.

No need to spend time and money on integration. Get up and running with STOIX in less than 5 minutes.

Run your data with STOIX

  1. 1.

    Package your existing code or tools in a container.

  2. 2.

    Define the schedule and other optional orchestration configuration of your pipeline in the STOIX dashboard.

That's it! All the complexity of orchestrating and monitoring your pipelines are automated. Get a real-time overview and status of your entire data infrastructure in the STOIX dashboard.

Screenshot of the STOIX dashboard

Learn more about the technical details here.

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Built on the open source platform Kubernetes, the industry standard for IT infrastructure management used by millions.


  • Anyone with coding knowledge can deploy a data pipeline. STOIX seamlessly runs code in any language or framework.

  • Increase developer throughput significantly by having a one-step feedback loop during development.

  • The STOIX orchestrator is built using a self-healing controller that automatically recovers from all kinds of failures, creating robustness in your data infrastructure.

  • STOIX enables construction of complex data pipeline dependency trees allowing them to run in your specific order, taking care of various schedules and requirements.

  • STOIX decreases time spent on data operations by 70-80% and minimizes unexpected errors. Let your team focus on insights and innovation. Learn how here.