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A platform that enables you to discover, choose from and analyse business metrics the way you want to, from systems and processes you already work with today. No need for a BI or data team - everyone can do it!

With automatic import from your existing systems, metrics are ready within minutes and presented as easy-to-understand visualisations. Your metrics are updated continously to make sure that you are always provided with the latest information.

Track and analyse your performance from both your phone and desktop. Discover important insights and share reports with your team, department or board of directors to collaborate. The choice is yours.

STOIX Metrics on desktop screen.

How it works

Systems supported by STOIX Metrics.

Add systems

STOIX Metrics connects automatically to the systems you already use today. It's so easy that everyone can do it. Multiple systems are already supported. Something missing? We'll build it.

You can also provide company metrics from Excel, csv or by sending data through our API. This is useful if you have custom metrics or data directly from the database.

Computed metrics

The metrics are automatically converted and calculated by STOIX.

Live updated

STOIX automatically checks for updates to make sure your metrics are computed based on the latest data.


All information is encrypted and safety measures are in place to keep all customer data safe.


Browse & select metrics

Browse metrics by system or through various department categories. You are also able to get metrics calculated from multiple systems.

Select metrics that your team needs, and choose the visualization option that makes most sense in order to analyse and improve your business performance.


Enable further analysis

Use the generated report to analyse and track historical performance. Compare metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Share reports or individual performance metrics. You are also able to do further analysis by exporting the data back to Excel or your data team.

STOIX Metrics on phone screen.


Is your system missing? We'll add it. Contact us!


Example of finance app on phone.
Icon for Card with title: Overview of financal health

Overview of financal health

STOIX automatically provides the metrics you need to keep track of and monitor your financial, investment, and business performance.

Get your desired overview of current financial health, P&L analysis, ROI, CAPEX etc.

Icon for Card with title: Track budget vs outcome

Track budget vs outcome

Combine information from multiple systems in your organisation, enabling deeper cross department budget vs outcome analysis.

Collaborate and enable further analysis by exporting the data back to Excel.

Illustration of sales meeting.


Icon for Card with title: More time with customers

More time with customers

Focus on more time with customers. STOIX takes care of providing the metrics you need. Get an overview of your team's opportunities, metrics, and targets. Track and monitor sales performance, revenue targets, conversions etc.

Your report is automatically updated, helping you and your team to make proactive decisions in order to improve sales in the organisation.

Icon for Card with title: Analyse and share performance

Analyse and share performance

Compare metrics historically to track progress and gain further insights. Easily share performance, targets and metrics with either your team or other people in the organisation.


Icon for Card with title: Live metrics

Live metrics

Your reports are updated in real time. Receive the latest known information and progress in your business.

Icon for Card with title: Scheduled reports

Scheduled reports

Keep your team, company or external stakeholders updated and get daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly performance updates through email or slack.

Icon for Card with title: Collaborate


Share information easily with team members through web links, office screens, email and more.

Icon for Card with title: Discover


Browse and select through the list of provided metrics to discover new information and gain new insights to improve business performance.

Icon for Card with title: Export


Perform further analysis of your metrics. Export either in Excel or csv format.

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