Configuring your job

A job run consists of a Docker container image to run as well as runtime configuration allowing you to provide information that can change over time or that has higher sensitivity such as passwords or tokens. Images are usually configured using environment variables, and you can easily add them under “Environment” when creating or updating a job. Environments allow you to create and reuse an image for multiple purposes.

E.g: if you create an image that imports files to your statistics database and updates a BI dashboard; by configuring the file location, database table and BI dashboard url as environment variables, you can use the same image for multiple dashboards.

STOIX sets a few predefined environment variables that are reserved and provides convenient runtime information. The following values are set by STOIX:

STOIX_SCHEDULED - RFC3339 formatted date time string for when the job was scheduled. This is convenient when you work with date partitioned jobs. It will correctly contain scheduled time instead of runtime during historical runs.

Under the same location, you also have the option to add Kubernetes secrets. Those are secrets defined in Kubernetes and are a powerful way to provide sensitive values such as database passwords, tokens or keys. Read more about secrets here. However, you can as easily use any other secret service from your code, such as Secret Manager.