Start your first job

The main component of STOIX is a job. Job refers to an action you want to perform at a point of time with an interest in whether it succeeds or fails, either through manual execution or automated scheduling. A job’s main component is a Docker container image, allowing safe and fast execution with no limitation on content. You can easily run your favourite programming language and tools as well as execute external tools.

For this example, you will use a Docker container image found at Docker Hub that prints a “hello world” message.

Visit the STOIX dashboard under Jobs in the menu. To add a new job, click the plus sign at the top right corner. Provide a name for the job, such as “Say hello to the world” and input “hello-world” for the Docker container image. Owner email is visible to others viewing the job information and is the email that will be notified when the job needs attention. If you have added multiple clusters, you can select which cluster this job will run on. The other sections of a job creation will be expanded upon under the section “Features”. For now click “Create” to add the new job.

A new job should now be visible in the job list with the name you chose. It mentions that there are no executions and that it has no schedule, so let's run it manually by using the job context menu on the right end of the job. After running the job, it will go from “Pending”, through “Running” and finally “Succeeded”. In case the execution is too fast it might skip directly from “Pending” to “Succeeded”.

You have successfully run your first job, great success!