What is data orchestration?

10th May 2022 - Reading time: 1 min

Data orchestration is the automated process coordinating movement of, and execution with data. This data can be moved using data pipelines or different data tools that can run on any infrastructure. Orchestration is vital when organizations want to retrieve all kinds of source data (API, external data sources, internal databases, etc.) making it suitable for business analysis as well as for further analysis with AI/ML.

In a data ecosystem, data pipelines and tools are commonly dependent on data from one another in order to execute properly or to produce expected output to the end user. These chain structures can become really complex and error prone if handled manually. Data orchestration takes care of this automation and logic. It also enables organizations to utilize data across departments by making the data accessible and organized.

A robust data orchestration platform is needed at an organization to guarantee data reliability. Think of it as a flow chart. The team needs to know that data moves at the correct time, in the right order, and in the right direction. This process automatically results in:

  • Removing manual bottlenecks resulting in improved effectiveness of the analysis.
  • Minimizing human errors.
  • Making sure that your data ecosystem can scale with an organization's data analysis needs.

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